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Kingsford Waterbay Development a good Investment

Recent figures are showing that a wide range of investors have been attracted to mixed developments over the past few years. Why have these developments become so popular for both investors and homeowners? Here are a few factors to consider for potential Kingsford Waterbay buyers.

Mixed developments integrate both residential and commercial units in one complex. Making their popularity rise in recent years. This is really no surprise considering Singapore’s growing population and a scarcity of land, which has created flood of demand for both amenities and homes.
Developers have begun to offer mixed developments island wide as a means to address the growing concerns over urban liveability and scarce land.

Chief Operating Officer of GuocoLand’s Singapore branch, Cheng Hsing Yao, recently pointed out that these mixed developments are a logical response to the issue of higher density living.

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On the list of what is considered an advantage for living in a development that is mixed use, convenience is high ranking and for Kingsford Waterbay buyers to ponder.

Cheng has stated that by combining the components of office, retail and residential in one development the need to commute is lowered because individuals will live closer to their place of work, where they shop and where they can access recreational activities. Having other amenities close by also means that people will be relying on the networks of public transportation more, something that is a trademark of any well planned city.

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Group CEO for CapitaLand, Lim Ming Yan, concurs with this view that the convenience offered by living in a mixed use development has a lot of allure for home buyers. He states that, with most people having a busy lifestyle that is always on the rise, the convenience of having all needs under one roof is more preferable. Yan uses his Singapore based Raffles City mixed development experience as an example, along with some of China’s key cities like Beijing and Shanghai. All of which have a well thought out mixture of serviced residences (and/or hotels), shopping areas and offices all under one roof and tend to be attractive to their clients.

He further adds that developments which offer this live, work, play environment all under one roof is definitely a benefit.

Kingsford Waterbay a Good Investment

Division Director of C&H Group, Nelson Lim, explains that a mixed use development will offer amenities and jobs that are closer to where individuals reside. If you have a well-planned out development that offers a blend of offices, retail, hotels or residences it becomes quite an attractive offer for an investor, due to the residential and commercial grouping being built-in and so integrated. A few examples of developments such as these are Bedok town’s Bedok Mall and city centre’s Tanjong Pagar Centre.

Orange Tee’s Research and Consultancy Manager, Wong Xiang Yang shares what he believes makes these mixed use developments such great investment options. If you look at it through the perspective of a residential buyer for Kingsford Waterbay, living in a development that offers mixed use means that they have a wide variety of amenities right at their doorstep. One example would be a project that offers a supermarket on its ground floor. This is something that many residents would consider to be a convenience and a value that is worth paying for. Buyers for Kingsford Waterbay do need to be mindful, however that the mix of tenants for the commercial sector isn’t always controlled, meaning it could lead to a mix of tenants that is not optimal in the project’s commercial component.