New Kingsford Waterbay Showflat at Upper Serangoon View Crescent

Kingsford Waterbay is ultra-modern and newly designed condominiums which have been designed using the most recent technology to make it the best structures ever build. They are attractive and appealing to the eye with beautiful surrounding that forms a great spa and relaxation area during your free time at the condominium. The buildings are designed in a way that will be more suitable for family occupation with various facilities for both kids and adults to enjoy and spend a good time at Kingsford Waterbay. It comprises of three blocks consisting of sixteen storeys and several units.

Kingsford Waterbay New Showflat at Upper Serangoon Crescent

Kingsford Waterbay is located in a serene environment free from industrial waste and noise to give tenants a humble time and enhance their comfort. The project is located at upper Serangoon view in District 19 right besides Punggol Park. This location is ideal for tenants so that they freely and easily access the park for a walk or an adventure during their free time or when on holiday. The facility is located just next to Greenwich V and Fernvale Mall which is a great place to do all kind of shopping and make any purchases one needs. The new showflat is located at Upper Serangoon View Crescent

New Showflat at Upper Serangoon Road

Kingsford Waterbay is an ideal place for family fun and gatherings powered by various fun and pass time activities available at the facility. It is endowed with a 50 meter swimming pool suitable for kids and adults to enjoy during their free time. There is also a gym, tennis court, outdoor fitness area, basketball pitch and many other recreation facilities to make your stay at Kingsford Waterbay an interesting one. The facility is full of unmatched family entertainment right at the heart of Serangoon vicinity.

Effective transport being a daily necessity, Serangoon road and Buangkok Drive connects Kingsford Waterbay to the city and the entire world. The facility has its location strategically to good roads and rail transport to make access to other parts of the city easy. The facility is also located near to prominent learning institutions and students will not need to travel for long distance to access education. CHIJ Our Lady of The Nativity, Montfort Junior and Secondary school is part of the list.

New Showflat at Serangoon View Road

The Kingsford Waterbay has a site plan designed by the most qualified architects in the industry. The site plan consists of a range of amenities including aqua deck, chess set, fitness and many more to bring fun and complete tranquillity at the facility. It also features beautifully decorated lawns, waterfalls, the promenade, recreation clubs and many more. It ranches from one bedroom to five bedroom apartments. The new showflat is located at Upper Serangoon View Crescent and Upper Serangoon View Road.

The floor plan of the facility is quite amazing with a living room, bedroom, balcony, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and an AC ledge. All rooms are designed with easy access and various compartments inside. The five bedroom apartments have additional bedrooms and bathrooms which are more spacious with master bedroom and bathrooms.

Kingsford Waterbay will no doubt offer a wonderful and unique lifestyle with the most serene and tranquil environment to dwell in. it is a home away from home.