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Serangoon Condo Buyers

Serangoon Condo Buyers for Kingsford Waterbay

July’s developer new project sales for Kingsford Waterbay kept flat this year at 12 new homes, according to a recent document from Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore. On top of that, sales at the new projects sales introduced in November, The Trilinq along with, Trilive slowed further, getting total project sales to just 42%. Two of the four new new launch projects, Kingsford Waterbay in addition to The Citron Residences, sold over 20 % of total units available because purchasers during new product launches remained price-sensitive.

Waterbay Prices in Serangoon

Investors in serangoon Kingsford Waterbay are getting cautious as the surplus houses for rent in the serangoon area now offers tenants with more alternatives to make a choice from. The worst-hit locations are those without easy-access to amenities, like trains and buses. However, ERA agent Adrian Lim mentioned there is still demand for properties near MRT Stations. Meanwhile, competition is most likely to even further increase as more suburban private properties are expected to be ready for occupation by end of this year.

Serangoon Condo Waterbay

Waterbay Condo Buyers

Despite the lack of buyers in the market, property developers for Serangoon Waterbay are not willing to reduce their prices as they have previously are sitting on the profits within the residential home and property price increase from 2008. Also, the fact that potential customers are quite conscious of the existing downtrend in purchase prices for Upper Serangoon Kingsford Waterbay and also they avoid making private condominium today contribute to the fall in both transaction prices and volume in today’s real estate market.

Kingsford Waterbay Prices

Waterbay Condo Prices may hold up

However, other agencies are on the view that Kingsford Waterbay developers will continue to be cautious and uptight and a few may slash prices to move balance units. New projects may also be launched in phases, to test real estate market conditions. SLP Intl predicts that new project launches of 2014 may offer lower than 12,000 units, a sharp decline compared 15,885 units revealed just last year. You’ll find indeed many unsold developer units for Kingsford Waterbay in the vicinity hence lots of buyers are very careful when looking for a unit inside the condominium. This has resulted some prospective buyers for Kingsford Waterbay in order to request for discounts from the real estate developers in an effort to decrease the asking prices of the units