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The British Electorate went to the polls on Thursday 7th May 2015 and housing was a much discussed and debated issue during most parties’ electoral campaigns. The issue in the United Kingdom is the housing shortage, there is simply not enough and successive governments have presided over a regime in which insufficient housing has been built at Executive Condo Singapore.

All the United Kingdom’s major political parties advanced policies to deal with the now chronic housing shortage during their campaigns, Labour, liberal Democrats, Sol Acres CCK and The Conservative Party all promised to build new homes in hundreds of thousands to address the acute demand. Will the campaign rhetoric translate into action and how will housing policies affect Britain’s volatile housing market, British developers and estate agents wondered which party’s housing policy would serve their interests best for Sol Acres.

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Britain’s political parties often steal one another’s policies and it is very likely that some of the policy ideas advanced during the heat of the campaign will re-emerge as the new government’s policy in Executive Condo in Singapore for Sol Acres.
All the housing ideas advanced by the different parties would have both direct and indirect effects on the United Kingdom’s property industry. There were policies targeting the young so-called “generation rent” in the private rental and social housing sectors as well as targeting the current seller’s market in housing for sale, another idea was taxation on very high value property for sale in order to fund other industrial sectors.

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Around 11 million people in the United Kingdom privately rent their homes, a far higher number than that of social housing tenants, and this figure is symptomatic of soaring residential property prices, local authorities selling Council (social housing) properties and governmental failures in seeing that more homes were built as the population increased. Labour’s proposal was to introduce policies to advantage tenants at the expense of landlords and estate agents sol acres.

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The proposals would have introduced three year tenancy agreements in order to address the problem of insecure tenancies, landlords, who failed to maintain their properties in an acceptable order would have lost their tax relief, rents would only have been allowed to rise in line with inflation, currently 0% and letting fees would have been banned, which would have cost letting agents an average £600.