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In a recent article by international living in their annual global retirement Index for 2014 showed Malaysia as number 3 coming in after Panama and Ecuador at Kingsford Waterbay.

Malaysia is rated as the best place in Asia to retire there and enjoy the Malaysian robust economy and quality of life afforded your there as well.

It is also the perfect place to setup a base from to reach all parts of Asia and the Pacific Rim that allows for unlimited retirement business opportunities.

Kingsford Waterbay at Upper Serangoon

The quality of life in Malaysia with its International flair and exotic cuisine and other amenities makes the perfect choice to live, as well to explore the wonders of the Far East in places like Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Japan for Kingsford Waterbay.

The accompanying article cites an American from New York who is living in Penang.

Spending only RM3,000($850) a month. No car needed where he is saving money and loves the temperate climate (82 degrees on average) and the simplicity of travel throughout the region to cities like Bangkok, Kunming, Hanoi, and countries further south like Cambodia and Laos.

Waterbay Upper Serangoon

If you are looking at a retirement income of Kingsford Waterbay is only $1,500 (RM5,295)a month from Social Security, retirement in Malaysia is too attractive an option to pass up as a place to settle for your golden years.

The article also cautions you to do your homework up front and weigh the options and benefits of retiring abroad before committing deciding on Malaysia or any other retirement destination.