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Kingsford Waterbay – Upper Serangoon View Condo by Kingsford

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Lim Wan Looi, wife of Fragrance Group’s boss, buys Good Class Bungalow at Bishopsgate for $65 mil

The GCB at Bishopsgate that recently changed hands for $65 million sits on a property website of 29,435 sq ft.

The customer is Lim Wan Looi, other half of Fragrance Group founder as well as exec chairman James Koh, that has gotten on an acquiring spree of cottage sites this year, beginning with the acquisition of a 25,272 sq ft, property GCB story for $24.8 million on Lornie Road in Caldecott Hill Estate in January, based on a caution lodged with URA Realis. Before that, he acquired a 21,046 sq ft, estate bungalow website at Hillside Drive for $19.25 million ($ 915 psf), according to a caveat lodged last September.

At the same time, at Cornwall Gardens, off Leedon Road, a GCB sitting on a property website of 16,089 sq ft is stated to have just transformed hands recently too. The GCB created by Chang Architects is said to have …

People’s Park Centre launched for collective sale at $1.8 bil

The historical People’s Park Centre has been put up for sale through cumulative tender at a book rate of $1.8 billion. ERA has actually been designated as the sole advertising and marketing company.

Copen Grand

Located at 101 Upper Cross Street, the development is beside the Chinatown MRT Station (on the North-East Line and Downtown Line) as well as a short drive to the CBD.
Presently, the mixed-use growth consists of 324 retail systems, 256 workplace units and 120 household units, as well as a carpark.

Finished in 1970, the 99-year leasehold website spans a land area of 95,457 sq ft with an allowable gross plot proportion of 8.6, translating to an optimum built-up area of 821,017 sq ft. ERA estimates the land cost at $2,620 psf ppr after taking into account the differential costs and lease top up to a fresh lease.

People’s Park Centre is located in the …

What is a Mortgagee Sale

There are a lot of different reasons why a homeowner would want to sell their property, but one of the most common reasons is for Mortgagee Sale. There are many banks out there that specialize in Mortgagee Sales and with the economy being slow right now it’s not easy to compete for your home. If you can qualify, you’ll get your cash before the foreclosure process begins and you can save your credit rating too. If you’re looking to sell your home and don’t want the hassle of going through the traditional foreclosure process then this could be the way to go.

Most people think they have no choice but to let the home go to foreclosure when they find it is too costly to repair and they can’t keep up with the payments. But that’s not true; you can still sell your home and stay in it if you …

Home Loan For Properties

A residential mortgage loan originator, also called a mortgage broker, is someone who, for profit or payment, or on the hope of profit or payment, takes out or negotiates mortgage terms for a residential mortgage loan typically used to finance residential properties. Although brokers don’t deal directly with homeowners, they do often work as representatives for financial institutions that do. Some brokers are independent, and work solely as financial advisors or accountants, while others are employed by banks, building societies or private mortgage companies. Residential mortgage brokers earn a commission on the loan they secure; the buyer pays the broker a fee, which is often paid as a percentage of the loan’s cost.

While the mortgage broker doesn’t actually get to sign the loan documents, he does represent the lending institution in question. He collects monthly or annual fees from the borrower and then receives a cut of the loan …

Properties That Are Near to a Hotel

There are certain locations in a community where you will find a great place to rent properties that are near to the hotel. The properties that are near to a hotel are always good investments for people who want to have a vacation home. When people visit a neighborhood, they expect to find some good value properties near to the location of the vacation homes. People looking for vacation homes prefer to have their vacation homes are located near to a good school, shopping area and other businesses. A quiet neighborhood is also preferred by most people when they are on vacation. Properties near to a great location are sure to fetch great value when the owner decides to sell his property in the future.

If you are going to buy a property that is near to a hotel, you can expect that it will have a great value after …

Watersports at Sungei Serangoon

Kingsford Waterbay is a renowned name in the world of real estate regarding quality lifestyle. This is the newly launched project by Kingsford Development, at upper Serangoon View right beside the Punggol Park near to Sungei Serangoon. The project is an example for those who want the best quality Real Estate in the cheap rates.

Watersports at Sungei Serangoon

The project offers apartments from 2 to 5-bedroom range in different sizes. The price ranges from $843,000 to $1,805,000, depending on the specifications and size.
• 2-bedroom apartment can be purchased in a price between $843000 to $963,000.
• 3 bedroom apartment is available in a price between $931,000 to $1,248,000.
• 3-bedroom with study apartment is available in a price between $1,139,000 to $1,184,000
• 4-bedroom apartment can be purchased in a price between $1,137,000 to $1,474,000.
• 5-bedroom apartment can be purchased in a price between $1,472,000 to $1,581,000…

Kingsford Waterbay Commercial Units at Hougang Capeview

Are you looking for a good condo that is located in an ideal location for both you and your family? Then you should definitely consider moving to Kingsford Waterbay. Below is all you need to know about Kingsford Waterbay. The development is near to the commercial shops located at Hougang Capeview and some of the commercial shops include NTUC Fairprice as well as other retail outlets located in the first floor the new BTO estate.

Kingsford Waterbay Near Hougang Capeview HDB

– For a three bedroom condo, it will cost you approximately $931,000 to $1,248,000.
– A two bedroom condo ranges between 843,000 to $963,000.
– A four bedroom condo ranges from $1,137,000 to $1,474,000.
– The cost of a five bedroom condo is approximately 1,472,000 or $1,581,000.

It is worth noting down that the prices listed above are not the final prices and are subject to change by the …

China Investments in Kingsford Waterbay Upper Serangoon View

Proven businesses and start-ups alike flock to China’s western hub for breathing room, inviting policies and an optimal landscape for cultivating success. Beyond the unique cultural significance and long-standing history of Chinese culinary innovation and excellence, the city of Chengdu is becoming one of the world’s most elite breeding grounds for not only its beloved native – the panda – but also for entrepreneurship and innovation. With the full backing and support of the Chinese government, the Sichuan capital has in recent years implemented a set of new and enticing policies specifically designed for start-up businesses in hopes of moulding Chengdu into a new-age “Silicon Valley” of sorts. Many companies have reaped the rewards of the new policies within China’s start-up safe haven. XGIMI Technology, a new leader in high-performance multi-functional projectors with its sights on revolutionizing the home cinema experience, is one such company that has benefited from Chengdu’s …

Balance Units Pricing

Please see the below for the Balance Unit Price List for Kingsford Waterbay.

Type Size (sqft)
Min. Price Max. Price
2 Bedroom 614 – 775 $919,000 $1,022,000
3 Bedroom 850 – 1,044 $1,060,000 $1,360,000
3 Bedroom + Study 1,023 $1,300,000 $1,309,000
4 Bedroom 980 – 1,216 $1,510,000 $1,577,000

Kingsford Waterbay Balance Unit Price List

A gentle note that the pricing above is for illustration purposes only for Kingsford Waterbay. Prices stated herein are subjected to changes at the discretion of the developer. The information displayed are for reference only and the website or agent cannot be held responsible for any omission or updates not stated on the website. Please see Canninghill Square Condo Balance Unit Chart to have the latest idea of the various units available. There are many shopping centres nearby including Robertson Quay as well as Boat Quay. Please see Canninghill Square location details here.

District 19 Property Prices near Kingsford Waterbay

Please see the …

Kingsford Waterbay 1 Bedroom Fully Sold

Kingsford Waterbay condo is located in district 29 Upper Serangoon View and it is developed by Kingsford Development. There are two plots of land side by side and they are for sale. It location is right next to Punggol Park. It is a great location if you want your family wants to have a little fun or if you plan some kind of gathering and it is located along the side of Fernvale Mall and Greenwich V. Here in the center of Sengkang and Punggol you can live your life to the fullest.

One Bedroom Fully Sold at Kingsford Waterbay

Your friends and family can enjoy themselves at a number of facilities Kingsford Waterbay can offer. Although some of the facilities are still in development it still is equipped with an outdoor fitness area, a tennis court, 50m swimming pool and a gym. You can really enjoy yourself and be …