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Housing Loans in Singapore Slows

Housing loans in Singapore grew at 6.4 percent year-on-year in October – or its slowest pace in seven years – on the back of a weak property market as well as a higher base, said Maybank Kim Eng and reported in the media.

“Industry domestic banking unit (DBU) loans for Kingsford Waterbay grew nine percent Tampines Ave 11 Tender year-on-year in October, down from 10.6 percent a month earlier. Business and consumer loans grew at their slowest pace in four and seven years respectively. The former’s slowdown was led by lending to general commerce (+12.3 percent year-on-year), transport, storage & communication (+13.5 percent) and financial institutions (+15.4 percent),” it said.

Kingsford Waterbay Home Loans

“The latter’s deceleration came about as property-market sentiment remained poor. But as we had toned down our loan-growth expectations after Q3 2014 results, especially for DBS, there is no need to revise numbers just yet.”

Looking …

Crowdfunding Kingsford Waterbay

According to a statement given by CoAssets, a crowdfunding company hailing from Southeast Asia, has seen their listed projects give over S$120,000 in total payouts during the past 16 months. CoAssets is a start-up firm that is funded by a scheme called i.JAM Reload, which is managed by the MDA (Media Development Authority), and has been nurtured by Expara IDM Ventures.

Kingsford Waterbay Payouts

The Co-founder of CoAssets, Getty Goh has stated that crowdfunding platforms, more often than not, shine a light on their ability to raise the funds needed for their projects in Kingsford Waterbay Serangoon. But with CoAssets the focus has been on their users’ experience, as well as on whether or not the companies that they list on their site have the capacity to deliver on their promises.
Mr. Goh further added that, up until now, they are pleased to note that those businesses that are listed …

HDB BTO flats

As part of the SBF (Sale of Balanced Flats) exercise, HDB has recently released 7,568 apartments as part of the November 2014 Build to Order scheme.
All of the apartments are located in both non mature and mature towns. This includes one of the first housing projects to be built in Tampines North that will feature the first 3 generation based apartments in a mature town. However, this has resulted in demand for Kingsford Waterbay.

Waterbay Condo near BTO Estates

The 4,277 Build to Order flats will be offered in six projects located in Tampines, Sembawang, Yishun and Sengkang. They will be comprised of 2 to 5 room apartments as well as three generation flats.
The first housing development to be developed in Tampines North is Tampines GreenRidges, which is situated along Tampines Avenue 9. It will offer a number of green features, like an automated waste collection system which …

Restrictions on Foreign Ownership

An online petition aiming to toughen the guidelines for Australian foreign property investment has gathered over 31,400 signatures.
The petition was started on the ever popular website by Simon Hosking and calls for the government of Australia to bring in more thorough testing of any purchases and buyers that are foreign. He also calls for tougher regulations to be implemented by the Foreign Investment Review Board. The restrictions on foreign property purchases on Singaporeans may put a U Turn on Singaporean’s dream of foreign property ownership and back into the local property scene such as Kingsford Waterbay in Upper Serangoon.

Restriction on Foreign Ownership puts limelight back on Kingsford Waterbay

Using foreign property buying restrictions from other countries as an example, Hoskings has stated that he would not be able to buy property in China with Sri Lanka and its 100% taxation of purchases that are foreign freehold, Singapore …

Property Markets

The auditor, taxation and advisory services company have given their autumn report on the current developments in the important property markets of countries in the Asia – Pacific region, particularly featuring the commercial property investment area.

Australia: The property market in Kingsford Waterbay near Upper Serangoon was very active during 2013, the commercial property market recovered to the level last seen before the global financial crash. Activity this year remains brisk and there is increasing interest in properties for sale.

China: slow growth, China’s Gross Domestic Product growth slowed further during the first quarter 2014. There was a bounce in the demand for office space early in the year and rents became steady. The progressive tightening up of lending led to fewer new built residential apartments during the 1st quarter 2014.

Hong Kong: Lower unemployment rates mean economic growth. Hong Kong’s economy grew 2.5% during the first quarter 2014 over …

Kingsford Waterbay near Kovan

A reminder of the Simon Road Market Lentor Mansion that was once situation in Kovan from 948 until 1999 can be seen by its current residents in the form of bronze sculptures that sit along the Upper Serangoon Road. The sculptures depict a scene of bygone days of the market; a woman holding a basket and pointing out the purchase she desires, and a man holding one of the many fowls he offers for sale.

Kingsford Waterbay Near Kovan Market

There is another cluster home project called Kingsford Waterbay that is coming up whose location holds some unique history. Located at 790 Upper Serangoon Road, the home for where One Surin will be, the site was once the home for Singapore’s crocodile farm, Tan Moh Hong Reptile Skin and Crocodile Farm was once the where crocodiles where bred and whose skin would later be used to make a variety of …

Serangoon Projects

A stronger contributing factor from Chip Eng Seng group’s Property Development division has allowed a 363% climb, year on year, in 2014’s 3rd quarter to a figure of $415.7 million.
Following a completion in August of the DBSS Belvia project, their division for Property Development saw a leap in revenue from its 2013 3rd Quarter figure of $21.8 million, to its 2014 3rd quarter figure of $313.8 million.

Kingsford Waterbay Serangoon Projects

In a recent statement made by the group, it was pointed out that other factors played a role in this increase for Kingsford Waterbay Projects, such as on-going projects like Nine Residences and Kingsford Waterbay being given progressive earnings recognition. There has also been the sale of units remaining in other projects that have been completed that add to this.
In August of 2014 two Orchard Condo Fernvale land parcels were purchased by the group, which came on …

Kingsford Waterbay Prices

In respect to real estate property gurus, high end part residential new launches in the city state has dropped noticeably as a result of the diverse rounds of cooling steps by the governing administration in an effort to lower real estate property prices and in turn affect Waterbay condo. For this reason, right now could be a very good time for prospective real estate investors to scout for budget buys within the luxurious real estate property segment in an effort to shore up rental yield for properties such as Kingsford Waterbay. Many buyers are looking at properties which offer a high rental yield in anticipation of interest rate increase.

Property Prices set to Fall

Property professionals was quoted expressing in a media report that luxury real estate situated in the Core Central Region (CCR) have experienced a few continual quarters of falling prices as buyers flee

Property Buying Sentiment

General Weakened sentiment on the property outlook in addition to the prospect of further more price drops in Kingsford Waterbay will hamper transaction amounts within the private housing market, especially of resale homes in the city fringe sector. The TDSR property measures has caused buyers to be more uptight on buying properties due to restriction on loans by the local government authority in an attempt to reduce the rise in property prices.

Kingsford Waterbay Buying Sentiment

The report underlined the authorities’ desire not to loosen The Myst up the house and property cooling measures especially the Total Debt to Service ratio (TDSR) right now which in turn caused buyers continuing to undertake a wait-and-see approach for buying Kingsford Waterbay and less controlled properties abroad as some of the explanations keeping acquiring appeal down on these properties.

Kingsford Waterbay

Restrictions on Waterbay Condo

Looking at resale market other than new launches, even

Serangoon Condo Buyers

July’s developer new project sales for Kingsford Waterbay kept flat this year at 12 new homes, according to a recent document from Standard Chartered The Myst Bank, Singapore. On top of that, sales at the new projects sales introduced in November, The Trilinq along with, Trilive slowed further, getting total project sales to just 42%. Two of the four new new launch projects, Kingsford Waterbay in addition to The Citron Residences, sold over 20 % of total units available because purchasers during new product launches remained price-sensitive.

Waterbay Prices in Serangoon

Investors in serangoon Kingsford Waterbay are getting cautious as the surplus houses for rent in the serangoon area now offers tenants with more alternatives to make a choice from. The worst-hit locations are those without easy-access to amenities, like trains and buses. However, ERA agent Adrian Lim mentioned there is still demand for properties near MRT Stations. Meanwhile, competition …